Buying weed online in the USA

The idea of buying cannabis online in New Zealand is currently a fantasy. If New Zealand does vote to legalise marijuana in 2020, then we may find ourselves availed with similar online stores to

A browse through the Greenrush store provides a glimpse into the type of products which may soon be available in New Zealand – either online or through a licensed physical store.

You can shop for Flowers, Concentrates, Vapes, Edibles, PreRolls, Tinctures, Topicals, and of course Accessories and have them delivered within a few hours by uber like drivers (they are actively recruiting).

It is worth noting that does not ship any products offered on the website. All products available for purchase are delivered or can be picked-up at a local dispensary. Shipping cannabis products is still illegal in California.

Browse to get a feel for the type of products available in the US

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