Enrol in a budtending course at Cannabis Training University

Have you ever wanted to become a full time bud tender, but didn’t know where to start? Cannabis Training University have put together the perfect online course for you. The course includes content on…

  • Role & responsibilities of a budtender
  • Customer service techniques
  • Types of medical marijuana
  • Medical effects of different types of medical marijuana
  • Medical marijuana clones
  • Methods of ingestion & preparation for use
  • Effects of eating medical marijuana
  • How to roll a medical marijuana joint
  • Hash-effects and uses
  • Kief-effects and uses
  • Medical marijuana tinctures
  • Medical marijuana transdermals
  • Weighing medical marijuana & packaging methods
  • Cash register tips & safety precautions
  • Wages & career advancement

Being a bud tender is just one of the new careers that will open up with cannabis law reform in New Zealand.

CTU was formed in late 2009 in San Francisco, California at the beginning of the boom of the cannabis industry in the USA.

Initially members of the California cannabis community presented live seminars across the United States over a 2-day span.

In 2011, after a year of highly-successful seminars, CTU moved to an online format. CTU now offer many more hours of information, allowing students from all over the world to study at an affordable rate.

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