Cannabis prohibition doesn’t work anywhere. It’s New Zealand’s turn to legalise it – Helen Clark

Helen Clark is widely respected in New Zealand and a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy she really does know her policy. If you are in any doubt about which way to vote in 2020 referendum, then have a read of the Helen Clark Foundation report; The Case for YES.

The following recording of “A Conversation on Cannabis Law Reform” with Helen Clark and Chlöe Swarbrick is also worth a look.

By the age of 25, 80% of New Zealanders will have tried cannabis at least once. Put simply, prohibition-based policy approaches have not eradicated and will not eradicate cannabis consumption and supply in New Zealand or anywhere else where its use is established.

Helen Clark

And finally Helen Clark’s opinion piece in the Guardian is also a must read.

A ‘yes’ in the referendum is a vote to regulate rather than criminalise a drug that’s widely used and less problematic than alcohol

Helen Clark

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